Jun 26

Reach Out to Your Market Through Whiteboard Videos


Whiteboard animation videos can captivate the audience’s attention

Video are among the most powerful marketing tools in the Internet. For one, they are more interesting than the traditional text content. Just look at the popularity of YouTube and other web video sites out there. Promotional and marketing videos have also become more engaging than photos or slideshows.To capture the market’s attention, many businesses are now resorting to a relatively new technique, called whiteboard videos.

As the name suggests, whiteboard videos refer to the technique of recording a process or presentation by drawing on a whiteboard. With this technique, you can tell simple yet compelling stories related to your company. You can use it to explain the service you are offering or simply demo your products.

One of the most effective ways to use a whiteboard video is by placing it on your site’s landing page. This way, you can easily show your visitors a short presentation on how your services or products fit into their everyday lives as consumers. Apart from the information they receive, this strategy will also enhance their site experience and encourage them to navigate further. To make your videos more persuasive, the running time should not go beyond 2 minutes. As with any marketing tools, the key is make them short and to the point.

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