Jun 30

How Video Marketing Generates Customers


Video marketing is very eye catching and attracts customers efficiently

Nowadays, many companies are starting to hop on to the latest marketing strategies, which includes internet marketing. In this article, you will be able to know why it’s necessary to apply internet marketing when you own a website that tries to sell products and services. When you use video marketingcustomers get more engaged in your site and spend more time looking at its contents than looking to other websites and competitors who disregard this type of marketing strategy. Because of that, customers will be able to learn about your products and eventually you’ll see an increase in your conversion rate.

Because video marketing is very eye catching and attracts customers efficiently, many internet marketers prefer to use this strategy. This kind of internet marketing generates more potential customers. In addition to this, there is a possibility that your viewers will share your video with their friends. This is especially true with informative and helpful videos that can actually help your potential customers. Most of the time, customers make their decision to purchase from watching videos of a certain website. They find it interesting and witty and they feel like the product or service has been explained to them in detail. These are just a few of the reasons why marketing using videos is both worthwhile and profitable.

Convince and Convert More Customers

Jun 26

Reach Out to Your Market Through Whiteboard Videos


Whiteboard animation videos can captivate the audience’s attention

Video are among the most powerful marketing tools in the Internet. For one, they are more interesting than the traditional text content. Just look at the popularity of YouTube and other web video sites out there. Promotional and marketing videos have also become more engaging than photos or slideshows.To capture the market’s attention, many businesses are now resorting to a relatively new technique, called whiteboard videos.

As the name suggests, whiteboard videos refer to the technique of recording a process or presentation by drawing on a whiteboard. With this technique, you can tell simple yet compelling stories related to your company. You can use it to explain the service you are offering or simply demo your products.

One of the most effective ways to use a whiteboard video is by placing it on your site’s landing page. This way, you can easily show your visitors a short presentation on how your services or products fit into their everyday lives as consumers. Apart from the information they receive, this strategy will also enhance their site experience and encourage them to navigate further. To make your videos more persuasive, the running time should not go beyond 2 minutes. As with any marketing tools, the key is make them short and to the point.

Jun 09

Animated Whiteboard Videos: Less Is More


Animated whiteboard videos are one of the best ways to get a point across to an audience

Animated Whiteboard Videos Prove That Less Is  More

Everyday we are literally bombarded with advertisements. They come at us from the comfort of our own home as we surf television channels or the world wide web. Videos that market a product or service to us are so plentiful that we tend to subconsciously filter most of them out of our attention. How then does a marketer or advertiser pierce through this disillusionment?

Animated whiteboard videos are one of the best ways to get a point across to an audience. They are fun and quirky, coming to life as the lines are drawn and connected seemingly right at the same exact time that we are watching the video.They are especially effective today because of the simplicity of having just black and white. The lack of bells and whistles makes for a very easy to process video ironically is sometimes more attention grabbing than over the top marketing videos that have to many fancy colors and visual effects.

So rise above the marketing clutter today. Whiteboard videos are simple yet concise and effective. Let what you have to say be heard by exactly who it is you want to reach.  Sites like wizmotions or ydraw offer this type of service. Visit wizmotions.com today and get your own customized animated whiteboard videos fast, easy, and at a reasonable price. 

May 20

How to Make Use of Video Marketing


Video marketing is an effective strategy to increase your site’s web ranking

Majority of shoppers online begin their buying experience through thorough online research. This is because they first do preliminary studies like comparing quality, reviews of other buyers, and most of all, the price. This just simply means that most buyers start making their decisions through browsing the net. How is it related to online video marketing?

Most online users look to different search engines first when they want to know more about a certain product online. Most companies have websites so users already have an easy access to their products and services and they can read about other customer’s reviews as well. In order to be on top of the search engine’s result list, you need to build a marketing strategy that can help you rank your website. One example is online video marketing. Search engines usually weigh the video as well as the content of the page that contains video much higher in their overall rankings as compared to any webpage with no videos at all. That simply means that if your company wants to be on the top of the search engine result’s list, the best and easiest way is to use a video as a primary medium of your internet marketing. Fortunately, there are lots of companies out there that create exceptional videos. They won’t only give you a great video but they will also help you build your website’s identity through higher ranks.

Mar 26

Effective Video Marketing through Whiteboard Animation


Whiteboard animation is very effective when it comes to video marketing

For online marketing, none can match the effectiveness of video marketing.  If you expect text and pictures to get your business a big share of the market, you are bound for disappointment.

Video marketing is the way to go.  To be more specific, whiteboard animation is considered to be today’s groundbreaking marketing tool to beat. It attracts viewers, it keeps viewers interested enough to stay on for the duration of the video, and it compels viewers to act. In short, whiteboard animation, utilized properly and shrewdly, is miles ahead of the old-fashioned power point presentation, or even the interview video and other regular videos in spreading awareness about your business and broadening your market share.

We are dealing with savvy prospective consumers who nowadays do not go for old-school obviously hard-sell strategies that most marketing schemes espouse.  Neither do consumers have the time nor the inclination to shift through text-heavy infomercials.  But, faced with a creative, highly-entertaining, and strong whiteboard animation, they are likely to understand your message effectively and heed your “call to action.”  Animated whiteboard videos tend to leave a distinct indelible impression on viewers. This is one of the more compelling reasons why they are, by today’s standards, and the future’s, as well, if we go by all present indications, considered one of the strongest marketing strategies around.