Why Explainer Videos Match In Talking To The Camera

Hi! Vitoria Castro here, founder of “Dominate Video Marketing”. Even though it’s 7 in the morning here is Brazil, I decided to create this video about 7 Rookie Mistakes with Video and How to Avoid Them. When I look at some of the videos of my students and all the people, I see these mistakes. So I just wanted you to be aware of them and start avoiding them. Okay, so let’s get started.index

Being boring.

How not to be boring? If you notice that you talk a bit slow like me. It is very important that you create some cards on your video and editing some music and everything to make your video more entertaining and also change your posture, okay? Kind of like they do at Wizmotions.

Also you can use whiteboard animation videos if you want.  Don’t talk like this as you are just talking to your computer or camera.

Or just show respect really talk as you’re confident. Remember the cardinal rule of content creation: it’s all about the viewer, not you. Your only intention is to provide massive value to your viewer. You can make some of your videos like telling a powerful story though, so make it short and to the point. Poor camera movement. Always focus on the subject.

Also, use a tripod to stop the movement. I’m in Brazil right now and I’m so sorry from doing this mistake right now. Also, do not zoom okay? Even if you are doing a scribe video or an explainer video you shouldn’t be doing that.  The image is not good usually. It’s harder for you to control the movement. Poor lighting. Poor, poor, poor. Can you see the difference? I’m exactly at the same place.

By the way, that is a beautiful view don’t you think? If you’re looking at the sun, that’s good to go. But if the sun is in your back, do not record it. So remember, you need to be looking at the sun, or to the light source. For shooting outdoors, do it in the morning or afternoon. Or if you’re shooting indoors, at least use some lamps that you have at home while you’re having some lighting coming from the window. And now, poor audio. Stop for a moment and listen. If you’re in the indoors or outdoors, always check for any background noise: air conditioner, refrigerator going on, overhead plssanes.

Also use an extended microphone. Check your audio before you start shooting. And now improper editing. To avoid this, you need to learn how to use software. You don’t really need to be good at it but you need to know the basics. Also, avoid distracting transitions. If you add some music remember to lower the volume down a little bit at the very end. Poor framing. You care for this by focusing on the eyes on you talking head videos. Use the rule of thirds. If you don’t know the rule of thirds, watch this video here to learn about it. And this is the very first mistake that I think is very important for you to know — not doing videos. You can avoid this by making a decision to do a video. Blocking out a filming day and or editing day, make it simple. And also ask for help and I’m here every time you need, okay?

Well, in talking about that, don’t forget to go to the link below and sign-up for my free and easy to learn video marketing. This is Vitoria Castro helping you express your message using the power of video.

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For decades, researchers have found that videos are a great tool for getting your point across. Through a combination of audio and video, they capture your viewers’ attention. Studies suggest that eye and ear combination is best for retaining information. So what is the problem? Videos are no longer a novel concept and your customers have seen thousands of videos in their lifetimes. Nowadays, a reduction in attention span coupled with modern players that allow you to skip to any part of the video cause a great number of videos to be shut with less than a tenth of the content viewed. So what is the solution?

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